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Monday, September 25th, 2006
10:45 pm - Uganda's calling - will you answer?

Answer the call.

Sorry if this is not allowed in the community, I can remove it if asked - but I thought some of you might be interested in this new community.

I'm a board member of ugandacalling, and we exist to raise awareness of and work for the end of the civil war in Northern Uganda, which has victimized many innocent civilians, particularly children, and left many homeless and desperately poor. We're trying to provide resources for local groups working on this issue - collecting petitions for groups to circulate, providing ideas for fundraisers for worthy projects, posting news articles and bulletins about Uganda, and letting activists and interested people get together to learn more and network with each other. And we still need lots of people to help us carry on all these functions and get us off the ground as a nonprofit - as well as community leaders who'd like to start something for Uganda!

If you're interested in learning more or helping out, please check out the community - everyone's very nice and positive, we'd love to see you!

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Friday, June 23rd, 2006
1:00 pm - Immediate Haitian debt cancellation

You can help Haiti achieve immediate debt cancellation without delays or strings attached by calling your Representative today and asking them to co-sponsor the Haiti debt cancellation resolution in the House (H.Res. 888). To co-sponsor the resolution, the Member’s staff should call Kathleen Sengstock in Representative Maxine Waters’ office at (202) 225-2201. If your Representative has already co-sponsored the resolution, please call to thank them. To find contact information for your Representative, visit http://www.house.gov/writerep.

To learn more about Haiti’s debt, see Jubilee’s front page at www.jubileeusa.org and click on “Break the Chains of Haiti’s Debt.”

Background/reasons to support debt cancellation for Haiti (from Jubilee USA):
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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
8:29 pm - Call-in to stop delays to debt relief

Please call the World Bank between March 22-24 to urge the World Bank to remove deadly delays to debt cancellation.

Though World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has said 42 countries will benefit from the (Group of 8) G-8 nations debt deal, the fine print of the World Bank's plan to implement debt cancellation means that beyond an initial 17 nations, any additional countries will have to wait at a minimum until mid-2007 - a full two years after the G-8 Summit in Gleneagles - for their debts to be cancelled to the World Bank. These countries will have to keep paying their debts in the meantime even after they reach the completion point - and these payments are non-refundable. Some nations, like Haiti, will have to wait until 2009. This is unacceptable.


Phone numbers and a suggested script are available on the web page.

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Friday, February 24th, 2006
2:31 pm - U.S. citizens: Tell Congress to fully fund the President's supplemental request for the people of Da

Three years into the crisis, the violence in Darfur continues unabated, and the situation has even deteriorated in recent months. Hundreds of thousands of refugees now depend on assistance from the U.S. and other governments to provide food, water and other vital humanitarian supplies for survival. In addition,the African Union (AU) peacekeeping forces there to protect them remain under-manned and under-funded.

We applaud the Bush administration's request to Congress last week for emergency humanitarian aid and increased civilian protection for innocent families in Darfur, who face the continuing destruction of their homes, uncertain livelihoods and the constant threat of ethnic violence. It is now up to our Congress to ensure that these critical needs are met by fully funding the President's request on Darfur.


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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
2:48 am - The Jubilee Act is still around!

NetAid is sponsoring a new petition drive online for the JUBILEE U.S. debt relief act...have reprinted the link and some info here. I checked and the bill is still getting cosponsors, one of whom joined the effort as late as last week.

Today, for every $1 the most impoverished countries receive in aid, they pay almost $13 dollars in debt payments to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This crushing financial burden prevents the most impoverished countries of the world from funding health care, education, and other vital human services that their citizens need to break the cycle of poverty. Also, many of the debts of these countries were racked up by dictators which oppressed the people, leaving contemporary citizens to suffer for the past crimes of long-deposed rulers.

Representatives Waters (D-CA), Leach (R-IA), Frank (D-MA), Bachus (R-AL), Lee (D-CA), and Maloney (D-NY) have re-introduced the JUBILEE Act (H.R. 1130). The Act calls for debt cancellation for 50 impoverished nations and it insists that such cancellation is not financed by diverting funds from other human services such health care and education. This bill represents a more just vision of debt cancellation than has previously been proposed by international financial institutions. Rather than limiting itself to the official heavily-indebted countries (HIPC) identified by the World Bank, it encompasses 50 nations and stipulates that the U.S. Treasury work with the World Bank and the IMF to ensure that debt cancellation occurs without bankrupting these countries.

This debt relief will also be financed from World Bank and IMF reserves, not on the backs of U.S. or any other taxpayers. The U.S. will also be safer overall when people around the world are lifted out of desperate poverty - as these people will be less vulnerable to terrorist recruitment, and our image abroad will improve.

Please use the web form to contact your representative and urge him/her to co-sponsor the Act. Better yet, you may reach your Representative using the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.


Read an impartial summary, and more info about the bill here:


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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
4:58 pm - The 2007 American Foreign Aid budget

America and other wealthy countries have a historic opportunity to cut world poverty in half over the next decade. With small but smart investments in education, healthcare and good governance - combined with debt forgiveness and fair trade - we can transform the hopes and dreams of millions who now live in extreme poverty. An additional 1 percent of the U.S. budget to help these children and families would help build a better, safer future for all.

Please join us in asking President Bush to take the next step towards this goal by including an additional $5 billion to fight global poverty in his 2007 federal budget request. Among other critical needs, this money will help Liberians recover from war, sow peace in Guatemala and address basic child health needs in Tajikistan.

The 2007 budget cycle has already begun. Please take a moment to e-mail President Bush and tell him you support this modest increase to fight poverty around the globe.


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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
3:46 pm - Call-in for Darfur

This national call-in day is a part of an escalation campaign that is building citizen pressure to push the Bush Administration to use this window of opportunity to take the action necessary to stop genocide. We will issue a new alert each week in January and early February with ways to get involved. Mark your calendars for our next call-in day to the United Nations on February 1st and the rally in Washington, DC on February 2nd.


Take 2 minutes to help stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan!!!!!

In February, the U.S. will become the President of the UN Security Council for one month, creating the perfect opportunity to push the international community to intervene to stop the genocide in Darfur. Please take a moment on January 18th to call the White House (the comment line is 202-456-1111 and the switchboard line is 202-456-1414) and State Department (202) 647-4000 to urge the introduction of a resolution that would give the African Union mission in Sudan a stronger mandate and provide for UN peacekeeping forces to be deployed to Darfur. They won't take action unless they know they have US citizen's support! You may choose to use the following phone script.

Hello. My name is __________ from ____________ calling in regards to the genocide in Darfur. I commend the administration's declaration that the crisis in Darfur, Sudan is indeed genocide and am calling because genocide is such a severe crime that it can not be allowed to continue. Due to the deteriorating situation in Darfur the international community needs to strengthen their efforts to stop the violence. When the U.S. becomes president of the UN Security Council in February, it should introduce a resolution to strengthen the mandate of the African Union Mission in Sudan. The U.S. should also use its role as a leader of the Security Council to propose sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Darfur to support the AU Mission in Sudan. Thank you very much for your time.

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Friday, December 16th, 2005
2:58 pm

Hello all!

I am posting this to many different communities in order to reach a large number of people, so forgive me if you see this message several times :).

There are SO MANY people out there who want to change so many things about the world.

I think a lot of us have the desire, but don't know what to do to make the changes they want happen. There are activist communities on LJ for everything from stopping genocide to trying to stop violence and famine. There are a lot of people who want the war in Iraq to end, and there are a lot of people who would like to stop seeing the poor grow poorer and the rich grow richer.

I think that what we TRULY need is a COMBINED effort. We really need to organize and BECOME THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE. We need to stop the apathy that so many of us experience!

We need a GLOBAL effort. I don't speak any other languages, but if we really work at it, we will gain people who can help with that as well.

A few weeks ago, the community activismtoday was started. I would like to ask everyone who would like to start taking a real stand to come and join and post.

The biggest thing that I want to stress is this:
I don't want this to be a community where we can come and talk about things. We need to take this to the streets! We have to do something out there in the real world instead of just on the internet.

Also, I know that there are many of you out there, and you are upset about many varying things, but I also think that if we can get this thing going, we can work on them all. Every single one of your concerns relates to making the world into a better place, which is what our aim should be.

Thanks for listening,

PS- A couple links that I think are applicable to all our concerns:

Independant World Television (www.iwtnews.com): This link is for a site that is trying to start up an International News/Television Network with REAL news (not this goverment sensored crap that we get on our TVs). Please check it out, and if you are so inclined, sign up to help out.

The ONE Campaign (www.one.org): Many of you have probably already joined and/or heard their ads on TV. This is an awesome program that is working towards all kinds of great goals- from stopping the spread of aids to stopping hunger. I joined a long time ago in hopes that I could help make a difference. Personally, I found it frustrating that all I did was sign a bunch of petitions, but that's another reason that I'm trying to organize something even better.

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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
2:02 am - Pakistan earthquake relief

I'm now involved with a charitable Wiki (an open-source online website set up for anyone to edit, designed to be democratic and updated regularly by eyewitnesses and local experts on changing conditions - like the Wikipedia online encyclopedia). This is for the survivors of the recent earthquake in Pakistan, to help coordinate volunteers and donations of shipments of survival supplies. (http://www.helppakistan.net). So far I've written a press release and some Craigslist/blogger's postings to draw awareness to the cause.

The earthquake has killed at least 73,000 people so far and left at least THREE MILLION homeless and at risk of starvation and death by disease in the frigid Himalayan winter.

So guys, click on http://www.helppakistan.net - they're looking for foreign and remote volunteers too, who can help with databases and phone calls and stuff. What they really need is someone who knows how to do web design/Wikipedia stuff who can make their site more readable and organized, and can proofread all the broken English - although it's generally understandable, I give them credit for that.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
1:20 am - Action alert from Mercy Corps

URGENT: Ask Congress to fight global poverty

Tuesday is a critical day for millions around the world who need our help to climb out of extreme poverty. Congress is finalizing this year’s international aid budget, and they need to hear your voice to help win the fight against extreme poverty and AIDS.

Tell your Congressional leaders today that you support the higher funding levels recommended by the Senate to fight extreme poverty and save lives.

In this fight, every dollar matters - especially when some of the best ways to beat global AIDS and poverty cost so little. For less than a dollar, a vaccine can save a life. For $5, a bed net can stop a child in Africa from dying every 30 seconds from something as preventable as a mosquito bite. We can turn back the tide on AIDS with something as simple as a pill that costs less than a dollar a day. And only $60 a year keeps a child in school or helps an entrepreneur start a small business, both of which help lift even more families out of poverty.

The time to act is now. And it's more important than ever that these lifesaving funds don't come at the expense of other critical poverty-fighting programs.

Sample letter for your senators/representatives:

Read more...Collapse )

I tried very hard to transfer the automatic email contact link here, but it didn't work. You can look online for how to email your congressional leaders though.

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
2:05 pm - South Asian Earthquake

Here is a link to Mercy Corps (www.mercycorps.org), one of the best and most efficient international relief organizations now providing assistance to the survivors of last weekend's earthquake:

Money Magazine consistently ranks Mercy Corps among the most trusted charitable relief organizations.

I'd encourage everyone to post the link in their blogs - who knows, someone may know someone who may be able to give or help...also please let me know if there are any ways to help for free and I will publicize them.

You can also go into the "Advocacy" section on their website and sign up to get notification of email actions, where you can contact your representatives about issues relating to global poverty and development.

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
12:47 pm - Address for cards/letters of encouragement for Katrina victims

For everyone who told me they were interested in sending cards and letters of encouragement to the Hurricane Katrina victims - I have finally been able to locate an address to send them.

This is a church and school in Lafayette, Louisiana that's spearheading a drive for supplies and cash - but also specifically said they would love it if people just sent cards and messages of support (even if that's all they sent), and that they would give them out to people who've been affected. This is a secular, nonpartisan relief effort - the church just volunteered its space to store items and some of its people to process them.

They can be reached at:

Our Lady of Fatima School
2315 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 235-2464

Our Lady of Fatima Church
2319 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 232-8945

This was posted online on a community effort to list websites that would provide help to those in Katrina's wake. http://www.showandsport.com/disaster_relief.htm

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
1:59 am - Free - 5 min - help Katrina victims

I still send my prayers and best wishes to all affected by the hurricane. Here are some easy, free ways to help:

1. My friend jhood is putting together a benefit art show/sale for the victims of Katrina. He lives down there so he knows what's going on. If you'd like to, send him some of your writing/visual art at ihavechapstick@hotmail.com

2. Oxygen.com will donate $1 for every new person who signs up on their webpage (this takes 15 seconds and is spamfree as far as I know). Here's the link: http://speakup.oxygen.com/campaigns/neworleans/impact/4fce139cf4342e1d430c44ed7c406724/

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
2:40 pm

Well, I wrote letters to each of my Senators and Representatives, as well as to Sen. Mike Honda (who has not yet cosponsored the Jubilee act) about debt relief.

Do you guys think I should follow up with emails or phone calls, or is one contact enough? What is the best way to have an impact?

Btw - does anyone know the day the bill will be voted on? Also when I looked on Thomas I noticed another debt relief bill in the Senate geared for HIPC's. What do people think about that?

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Friday, August 12th, 2005
7:51 pm

Two important bills for consideration in the U.S. Congress (if you're interested, do some research, and then call your representative to see how they stand and if they might cosponsor these):

1. The Darfur Genocide Accountability Act of 2005 - to be voted on sometime this year. (S. 495). This bill would strongly condemn all human rights abuses in the Sudan, as well as directing the President to freeze the assets of those implicated by the UN as perpetrators of abuses. Also, it expresses support for the African Union peacekeeper troops, and directs the US and UN to work towards supporting the AU, as well as encouraging a U.N. resolution extending the arms embargo to the Sudan. This has stalled in the Foreign Relations committee, but there are at least 30 or so cosponsors, all listed on THOMAS.

2. The Jubilee Act - H.R. 1130 - also stalled in committee and possibly to be voted on later this year. Has 73 cosponsors as of now. Instructs the U.S. to work with the IMF/World Bank to completely forgive the debts of about 50 impoverished countries, and to not impose any kinds of conditions or readjustment plans. Countries are excepted from the deal if they are found to have any link to terrorism or excessive military expenditures, or if the government is a recognized violator of human rights. The monies to accomplish this would come from IMF/World Bank reserves and not from taxpayer money.

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
8:25 pm

Hi, I'm new, and I wanted to share this in my first post:

From the Peace Museum in Chicago:

Peace Crane Installation "Peace 2005 and Beyond" is a permanent installation by architect, designer, artist Michel Alfonso in collaboration with numerous volunteers.The Peace Museum is proud to offer this permanent installation as an opportunity to provide "participatory art" to unite citizens of the world for a wish for peace.The Museum is offering the opportunity for you to donate a peace crane to honor a friend, loved on or colleague. Paper peace cranes will be suspended from the ceiling in our gallery, creating a colorful display of hope for peace in 2005 and beyond. Once we accumulate 1000, the Museum will send them to a region suffering from political violence, war or protracted conflict. The first 1000 cranes will be sent to Iraq as a symbolic gesture to demonstrate that we share in Iraq's wish for peace. Cranes may be purchased online by clicking here. Thank you in advance for participating in this peace project!



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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
6:37 pm

China's infant castoffs find home - Yahoo! News


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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
12:36 am - Elderly man climbs for Mexico's poor

Seventy-eight year old man seeks to climb three mountains - Mount Whitney, Mt. Kilamanjaro, and Mt. Fuji - as well as descend to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in only four weeks. Mr. Carl Haupt is raising money from various donors to help the poor in a certain lower-income area of Mexico, and goes with a team every so often to help with construction there and to deliver supplies - food, medicine, books, etc.


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Monday, July 25th, 2005
7:43 pm - Local/college newspaper editorial

Hi, I was considering writing an editorial about debt relief for the UC Davis newspaper when school starts up there again in October. Even though I no longer live in Davis, lots of people there remember me and I'll have some credibility there.

Are there any important political campaigns/bills coming up for a vote in Congress in the fall? I'd like some way to focus people's attention so that they can take action. Also, please let me know anything I should make sure to mention since I am new to this issue (and I did read most of the Jubilee factsheets, so I have some basic info).

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
12:17 pm - What can I do to help?

Hello, I'm Cristina, and I've been a supporter of international debt and poverty relief for quite awhile. I would like to know what I can do to help this cause - write letters? click on email links?

I am also part of various other Live Journal communities - and would be happy to publicize this cause elsewhere.

One good thing I know of to help is to click on ['''www.thehungersite.com'''] every day - for every click the advertisers will donate money to food banks and help for the world's poor.

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