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The 2007 American Foreign Aid budget

America and other wealthy countries have a historic opportunity to cut world poverty in half over the next decade. With small but smart investments in education, healthcare and good governance - combined with debt forgiveness and fair trade - we can transform the hopes and dreams of millions who now live in extreme poverty. An additional 1 percent of the U.S. budget to help these children and families would help build a better, safer future for all.

Please join us in asking President Bush to take the next step towards this goal by including an additional $5 billion to fight global poverty in his 2007 federal budget request. Among other critical needs, this money will help Liberians recover from war, sow peace in Guatemala and address basic child health needs in Tajikistan.

The 2007 budget cycle has already begun. Please take a moment to e-mail President Bush and tell him you support this modest increase to fight poverty around the globe.
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