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Action alert from Mercy Corps

URGENT: Ask Congress to fight global poverty

Tuesday is a critical day for millions around the world who need our help to climb out of extreme poverty. Congress is finalizing this year’s international aid budget, and they need to hear your voice to help win the fight against extreme poverty and AIDS.

Tell your Congressional leaders today that you support the higher funding levels recommended by the Senate to fight extreme poverty and save lives.

In this fight, every dollar matters - especially when some of the best ways to beat global AIDS and poverty cost so little. For less than a dollar, a vaccine can save a life. For $5, a bed net can stop a child in Africa from dying every 30 seconds from something as preventable as a mosquito bite. We can turn back the tide on AIDS with something as simple as a pill that costs less than a dollar a day. And only $60 a year keeps a child in school or helps an entrepreneur start a small business, both of which help lift even more families out of poverty.

The time to act is now. And it's more important than ever that these lifesaving funds don't come at the expense of other critical poverty-fighting programs.

Sample letter for your senators/representatives:

As one of your constituents, I'm writing to ask your support in funding the fight against extreme poverty and global AIDS.

With millions of lives at stake, it's time to turn America's ambitious promises into effective action. As you know:

* One billion people around the world live on less than $1 a day;

* The U.S. government spends less than 1 percent on overcoming global AIDS and poverty;

* Americans are uniting as one across political and religious divides to support action to overcome the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty.

Today, I ask that you urge your colleagues to support the higher Senate FY06 Appropriations funding levels to fight extreme poverty.

Congress really does have the power to change lives. Today, 350,000 people in poor countries are alive because America is fighting global AIDS and millions more lives will be helped by US initiatives to fight poverty. And this year, we have the power to do even more and support life-saving treatment for more than 500,000 additional people, by continuing to deliver medicines that help people live long enough to grow up healthy, raise children and crops and build businesses.

It's more important than ever that this doesn't come at a cost to other key poverty-fighting efforts. Together as ONE, America can transform the futures and hopes of a generation in the worlds poorest countries.

I tried very hard to transfer the automatic email contact link here, but it didn't work. You can look online for how to email your congressional leaders though.
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